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Saturday, April 19, 2014

Dillish Mathews also Shares Her No Make Up Photos. . .

Beautiful woman! She can get it! *winks*
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Muma Gee & Prince Eke Welcome Twins!

Good News people! The Singer and her hubby have welcomed a set of twins! The babies (a boy & a girl) arrived yesterday April 18th! Congrats to them!
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Family Discovers that their "House Girl" is a Male.. *LOBATAN*.

    LMFAO! What sort of news would we not hear? The house help who posed as a female for over two months deceived everyone in the rural village of Likoni including the family that hired her... Oops! Him. Things went awry when a man in the area tried to get her to sleep with him and the secret was uncovered.
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Robbers Raid the Hostels at the Osun State University, Raping Female Students...

In early hours of yesterday Friday April 18th, gunmen attacked students of Osun State University, residing at different private hostels located close to the university campus.
The gunmen who were heavily armed and suspected to be cultists, went from one private hostel to another, collecting valuables from the students and raping several unlucky female students.
I hear the male students in these off campus lodges tried to ward the robbers off, but were overpowered by the thieves.
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This Photo Would Make You Laugh.... Hehehehehe

LMAO! Abeg chill down and laugh with me jorr... Mind you, he circled it, not me... This photo was taken at Pres. Jonathan's Rally in Nasir El Rufai is a clown... Hehehehehe
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Pregnant Uche Jumbo Spotted Looking Fresh...

The beautiful actress is about three months gone and was out to attend the Premiere for the movie 'Knocking on Heaven's Door' which held last night at the SilverBird Cinema, in Lagos... Her child for sure would be cute! Another photo below;
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Friday, April 18, 2014

The Real Story Behind the Leaked Nude Photos of ABSU Student *FREAK ON FRIDAY*

Oh Dear! Its another weekend and your favourite blog episode FREAK ON FRIDAY has landed on its ass on this 
    Well Last week we kinda observed our own Good Friday by bringing you all a holy in the cool video of UNILAG female students tearing themselves to shreds as they fought over petty issues... YOU MISSED it? for what na? Oya read the whole brouhaha HERE.
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Why Don't Christians Eat Meat on Good Friday? *QUESTION OF THE DAY*

   Why don't we eat meat on Good Friday? My friend claims that eating meat equals eating Jesus's body on Good Friday... Is it true? Or is there any other reason Christians don't eat meat on this day?
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Police Man Beats Up Food Sellers for Not Giving Him Fish to Finish His Beer! *DOWNLOAD VIDEO*

This video clearly shows how men in force in Nigeria, mistreat the common civillian and would certainly leave you pissed. The Mobile police man in the video who is identified as Tafa Mohammed attached with the Mopol 20 in Lagos, is shown beating up two food vendors and even pointing his gun at them, because they didn't provide him fish to finish his beer! In fact he got so gory he released a shot into the air! 
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Lagosians to Get a Free Bus Ride on Easter Monday...

The Lagos state governor Babatunde Raji Fashola this past Thursday April 18th, announced that Lagosians would be offered free bus rides on Easter Monday, only on LAGBUS's sha oh!
     Mrs Oluyemi Junaid, the LAGBUS Public Relations Officer said the free rides are aimed at promoting the use of public transportation, as well as reducing congestion on roads on the day.
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Psquare's PRO responds to Break Up Rumours...

      So earlier today a rumour floated around town that the music twins we all love Peter and Paul of Psquare are planning to break up after a fight! Well the folks at Premium times called up their Public Relations Executive Bayo Adetu, who described the report as "irresponsible blogging." in his own words;
"I am too busy to give some wanna be blogger traffic, I don’t know where that report is coming from. Maybe they just want to get traffic to their site. It’s baseless and untrue”
*Siddon look na og name...
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Afrocandy Flaunts Her Boobs Yet Again. . .lol.

That she can't raise money for her daughter's fees is the least of her worries! She shared the photo above and asked fans to keep the holy week holy! In her own words;

"Is it me or my Face looks like I just came down from.....You know what I mean? Pls Keep the Holy week Holy"

*Madam, please lead by example.
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P'square Set to Part Ways?

There have been rumours that the twin Peter and Paul Okoye have been at log aheads for a while now! These disagreement is believed to have been spurred on by one of their wives and it reached it's height when they exchanged blows physically during a dance rehearsal this week, precisely on Wednessday.
Their Elder brother Jude, who also doubles as their manager sent out the shocking tweet above that after ten years, he was done with it. . . This is quite shocking. How could the entry of women into their lives seperate this identical twin brothers that share a bond right from their Mama's womb!
Please psquare stick together no matter what. . . Biko nu!
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What is Wrong in this Photo???

The Holy Spirit Must Dwell n this You see what is see?
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Buhari Issues Statement Warning PDP not to Link him With Boko Haram!

The chieftain of the All Progressives Congress (APC), Gen. Muhammadu Buhari, has issued a seven-day ultimatum to the PDP to retract its accusation linking him with the terrorist group Boko Haram. In addition, he has requested to tender an unreserved public apology to him or face a legal action.
Read the statement he put out below:

"I cannot sit back and allow my image, and that of my political party be smeared by falsehood in the name of politics.
"To support his claim, Mr. Metuh engaged in twisted logic and outright distortion, which he called factsin which he said that I, Gen. Muhammadu Buhari, beckoned on my 'supporters to go on lynching spree' should I lose the 2011 presidential election, as a result of which 'an unprecedented violence broke out claiming the lives of hundreds of innocent people.
"I take very serious exception to this grave accusation against me by the PDP Publicity Secretary. It is a false allegation aimed at tarnishing my image and reputation in the hope of destroying my political and electoral standings, and that of my party, the APC, in the country.
"Firstly, it is public knowledge that Boko Haram as a terror organization long preceded the 2011 presidential elections. My utterances or lack of them on the 2011 presidential election could not therefore have created nor sustained the Boko Haram insurgency.
"Secondly, the PDP Government of President Goodluck Jonathan constituted the Sheikh Ahmed Lemu Panel of Inquiry to investigate and report on the post-election violence in some parts of the country. The panel discharged its duties within its terms of reference and submitted its Report to the President. This Report was accepted by government and a Whitepaper issued. Nowhere in that Report, a product of thorough investigation of that unfortunate incident, was I mentioned in the remotest way to have uttered a word or acted in any form or manner that sparked off the violence. If I had, certainly that investigation would have uncovered it. The truth is that I had not.
"Thirdly, 2011 was not the first time I contested a presidential election and was declared defeated, it was the third! If I had had no cause to 'beckon on my supporters to go on lynching spree' in the two previous occasions, I would have had no cause to change in 2011-and I did not," Gen. Buhari said.
"I used the Hausa idiom 'Kare jini, Biri jini', which is a metaphor for a very tough fight. But, like the Islamic fundamentalist toga they falsely put on me because they cannot impinge on my personal and professional integrity, PDP apologists deliberately twisted this idiom to mean I called for violence.
"I am not a violent person and, other than my professional calling as a soldier, I have never associated with violence, I abhor violence and have never advocated it. I have always been a law abiding person who insists on due process and the rule of law in all my private and public affairs.
"It is therefore a grave infraction to my person, personality and integrity that such a false and malicious accusation is being leveled against me by the PDP. This is dangerous politics by the ruling party and it must stop forthwith."
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See the Names of the 126 Victims of the Abuja Bomb Blast

The Federal Government has released the names of the 126 victims of the Nyanya bomb blast who are admitted in various hospitals in Abuja. This is to aid those looking for their loved ones, to be able to locate them. List below;

1Emmanuel Oduma
2Charity Enang
3Pius Nwaonuan
4Clifford Nwafor
5Attah Friday
6Chidozie Iyoke
7Peter Omeh
8Ibrahim Salisu
9Shamsu Hussein
10Adamu M Bello
11Osaretin John

1Hamza Ibrahim
2.Rakiya Suleiman
3.Saidu Ayinde
4Adamu Abbisi
5.Inuwa Musa
6Arimiyawa Saidu
7Ebele Ibezim
8Oguike Charles
9Samson Udo
10Sani Ismaila
11John Atanyi
12Blessing Aghi
13Auwal Haruna
14Sani Nafiu
15Usman Yinusa
16Dada Je-Ogbade
17Umar Murtala
18Isiaka Abdul
19Adeoye Busayo
20Jim Anthony
21Job Daniel
22Aungwa Saater
23David Igho
24Georg Ediae
25Exra Gowimina
26Baby Goodness John

1Precious Samuel
2.Monday Oshile
3.Pat Umar
4Simon Peter
5.Vera Ojochide Jaja
6Chibuzor Oshouagwe
7Gabriel Peter Ibrahim
8Olowokere Taiwo
9Yohanna Ibrahim
10Gabriel Enyinnaya
11Paul Tanko
12Mustapha Abdullahi
13Oke Adedaya Stephen
14Esther Paul
15Mohammad Shehu
16Godwin Jane
17Jerry Mako
18Idoko Onyekozi
19Bello Mohammed Ali
20Stephen Chukwuka
21Salome Emezue Jim
22Irera Ibrahim

1Abugu Samuel
2.James Esther
3.Ukpokwu Mercy
4Frank John
5.Uzoakpunchi Loveline
6Elizabeth Ailabojie
7Franca Aguele Ailabojie
8Nathaniel Ailabojie
9Christabel Ailabojie

1Ogunyemi Tosin
2Bala Hamidad
3.Adejoh Omachi
4.Salisu Ashiru
5Usman Shehu
6.Bello Ali Mohammed
7Olalekan Adeleke
8Ogbadu Danjuma
9Esther Paul
10Babana Saleh
11Ahmed Shishar
12Isah Kolawale
13Gabriel Thankgod
14Ramdur John
15Hamza Zaharadeen
16Yushau Ibrahim
17Paul John
18Yohanna Ibrahim
19Bako Gerema
20Halilu Ibrahim
21Omale Emmanuel
22Omokhoba Emmanuel
23Abdulazeez Aliy
24Iloha Valentine
25Adamu Idris
26Abdullahi Mustapha
27Zungven Kefas
28Bassey Ekong
29John Saidu
30Aliyu Abubakar
31Chibuzo Osuagu

1.Samuel Abudu
2Abdulahi Ayuba
3Rayiamu Yusuf
4Gamba Gamba
5Abubakar Ibrahim
6David Mayaki
7Usuman Abibu
8Nfua Anumise

1Njoku Victor
2.Victor Habila
3Christian Ogbuji
4.Suleiman Abdullahi
5.Samuel Opara
6Abba Umaru
7.Daniel William
8.Idris Samaila
9.John Alice
Rabiu Umaru
11.Gift Godwin
12Dorcas Opawoye
13.Jimmy Aniete
14.Abigal Muliki

1.Nweze Uche Silas
2.Bankera Julie
3.Abubakar Ibrahim

1.Madu Peter
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Question of the Day from Munachi Abii....

   The former most Beautiful Girl in Nigeria and Rapper Munachi Abii wants to know... If you are given 700 Million dollars right now, Would you be doing what you are doing?.... As in your job, would you ditch or keep it?
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Guess The Young Man in this Photo...

If you fail this one ehn... What Happened in 2011 would happen
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Thursday, April 17, 2014

Nigerian Education... *PHOTO OF THE DAY*

Please read through the Notice in the Photo above... It may seem funny, but depicts how poorly educated some of our teachers are... What kind of knowledge would this type of tutor impact? SMH....
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#GEJPOSE is Trending on Twitter oh! *MUST SEE*

If you know President Goodluck Ebele Jonathan you sure would know he has these poses that he always strikes both in pictures and even on our TV sets.. Well Nigerians on twitter are dong a mimicry of this and best believe... It is trending! All you need do is snap a photo striking one of Mr Presidents beloved poses and tweet it with #GEJpose.... Oya see some of the funny photos below;
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